Cape May Beach – A Nice and Relaxing Vacation


Ahhhh….Cape May beach. When many people start planning vacations, many lean towards sticking their feet in the sand. And why not, it is so relaxing. If you don’t like sitting and relaxing on a beach, just being in the ‘beach’ atmosphere is worth the price. The laid back style, flip flops, people out and about. You gotta love it! This is why so many people love vacation and a big reason for Cape May, NJ too.

Cape May, New Jersey is a small and charming shore town. It offers many things to do including the beach, shopping, golf, fishing, bird watching, fine restaurants, great sunsets, and sightseeing. Within the town you’ll get the ‘old world’ charm with friendly people and all sorts of amenities.

As you may know, Cape May is located at the southernmost tip of New Jersey. It is the tip of that peninsula along New Jersey’s southern point. Thus, its beaches practically wrap around that tip.

On the easterly side of the peninsula is the Atlantic Ocean. This provides a beach with sand that slides between your toes, waves that crash, and kids that laugh. The enjoyable sand makes it a great place for all sorts of activities including paddle-ball, wiffle-ball, having a catch with a football or baseball, or just plain relaxing.

Dolphins generally frequent the waters close to the shoreline. It is likely that you’ll see them swimming most days. It’s a great spectacle when they swim by, sometimes a few or sometimes a whole school. But they always seem to make you smile. There are various tours throughout the area that will take you on a boat-ride in search of them.

On the westerly side of the peninsula is the Delaware Bay. This area offers more tame water and somewhat rocky sand. But, you can’t beat the sunsets. Sunset Beach is the name. Head on over when the sun is setting and you’ll get an unobstructed view of the sun melting into the water.

Once the sun has set, get up, and head out to one of Cape May’s great restaurants. Then go to bed and wait until morning so you can do it all over again.