Odessa Ukraine Travel Sight-Seeing Guide


When you travel to Odessa Ukraine you will notice that there are a lot of beautiful buildings and tons of history that you will probably want to explore. In this article we will explore some of the most popular sights that tourists are constantly traveling to Odessa to see.

For one, the Potemkin Stairs are a very popular choice among tourists and Ukrainian’s alike. The Potemkin Stairs were named after a rebellious battleship and are the formal entrance to the city when coming from the sea. The stairs were built from the year 1837 through the year 1841 and were designed by F. Bofford. These stairs are just the first sight that you should be seeing on your trip to Odessa Ukraine.

The next sight that should be seen is the Odessa Opera & Ballet Theater. This magnificent building was constructed in the eighteen hundreds and is one of the oldest buildings in Odessa. Ballets which featured Anna Pavlova and other performers such as Peter Tchaikovsky have been performed in this amazing building. The interior of the Opera & Ballet Theater is breathtakingly beautiful and is decorated in a distinct Louis XVI style, very rich. This exquisite inside decor is in done on the beautiful style of Viennese baroque and then blended with elements that will remind you of the Italian Renaissance along with the French rococo.

City hall is another beautiful building that you will not want to miss when you are sight-seeing in Odessa Ukraine. City hall was the place that was formerly the old stock exchange location in Odessa. In this historic town, trading is the main source of many peoples income, so that makes it only natural the ideal location of the stock exchange would be located in City Hall.

The Svyato-Preobrazjenskiy Cathedral is another sight that can not be missed when you are sight-seeing in Odessa. This building was built on the one hundredth anniversary of the foundation of Odessa. This cathedral is a beautiful building and while fairly recently built; it is still one building that is worth taking a look at.

Finally, the Laokoon is the last stop you should make on your sight-seeing trip. This beautiful statue is located right in front of the amazing archeological museum and it is of the Greek pagan priest. The famuous painting by El Greco ‘Laokoon’ is the inspiration for this amazing sculpture and if you get a chance to see it up close, you are very lucky.

So there you have it! All of the sights that you absolutely need to see when you are in Odessa – now there are many others that are not listed here. If you are looking to sketch out more sights for your trip to Odessa, there are many resources available online. Odessa also holds many different museums that hold a lot of history of this Ukraine town, so be sure to add those into your sight-seeing trip.